High Energy Consulting

New Product Development Innovation Consultant

Marketing customer-driven, competitively differentiated solutions with structured new product development


Mike Sanislo, P.E., has spent nearly all of his 35-year professional career creating new, innovative engineered products and solutions.

Structured new product development process leadership, careful attention to the voice of the customer and a relentless pursuit of competitive differentiation--these are the hallmarks of any successful new venture.

Determining the right amount of investment at different stages of the process requires knowledge of advanced valuation techniques;  Using Monte Carlo Simulation and real options in addition to discounted cash flow techniques, Mike can model your opportunity and the associated risks to give you the confidence that your capital is invested wisely.

Why High Energy Consulting?

Mike Sanislo, P.E. founded High Energy Consulting in 2000 to deliver results, and to assist your organization with the creation of a compelling, written business plan, while providing guidance for the plan elements where you need extra attention and thoughtful analysis.

High Energy Consulting is the flexible alternative for timely new product development expertise.  With marketing experience spanning numerous industries and 30 different clients, High Energy Consulting brings a professional analytical approach to new business development.  Choose an innovative consultant for you business development needs.

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